Another school is possible: what books don’t say

This is the challenging topic which, in Amitie context, was discussed on the April 2nd 2012 at CDLEI of Bononia, with the finality of debate about immigration and to provide and develope interpretations and information, useful for deal with that themes at school.

Conscious that “immigration” drags stereotypes, prejudices and emotions, conscious that the youth relate the lack of information with the repetition of old slogans without substance, but also conscious that the school is co-responsible of that lack, the meeting was about the main factors which determine our (European) perception of “the other” and, in particular, of the migrant.

On april 19th 2012 the same group of teachers and students meet again to face another dichotomous side: starting from the general expenditure, sensitize young people to global citizenship through the critical consumption.

The goal was looking for key concept that would allow to face topics connected to migration, to geopolitics, to the relatisions between us and the other countries, succeeding to confront with young people about issues (like fashion and dressing) which belong to them.


Giorgio Dal Fiume

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