Migration, development, human rights: ideas free to move.

Migration is an economic, social and cultural resource. Cultural diversity and pluralism are a source of wealth.

AMITIE is a new – real, genuine and active- communication, oriented towards citizens, local authorities, NGOs, private corporations and companies, to sensitize, to facilitate public communication in cultural diversity, to direct policy-makers towards actual integration policies and to create opportunities apt to strengthen and create new partnerships with migrants.

AMITIE to know, to enhance the awareness, to create places where to meet up and talk about migration, development and human rights, in order to promote a new integration, respecting our new plural European society rights.


Project partners

Municipality of Bologna (project coordinator)

Cineteca di Bologna Foundation (IT), city of Riga (LV), Latvian Centre for Human Rights (LV), FAMSI- Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity (ES), APEL Services Association (RO), Alma Mater Studiorum- University of Bologna (IT), G.V.C. – Civil Voluntary Group (IT), FELCOS Umbria- Local Authorities Fund for Decentralized Cooperation and Sustainable Human Development (IT), City of Recife (BR), “Pé no chão”- Mutual Support Group (BR), Region of Emilia-Romagna (IT).


AMITIE Campaign Partners

Partners who had already joined the campaign are: Human Rights Nights, Terra di tutti (Everybody’s Land) Film Festival.

Creative Partner

D-Sign, Studio Talpa, SocialLab, Tiwi, AMITIE film crew